Since its beginnings, cinema moves from town to town, from faire to faire as a spectacle always renewed. Spectacle of image projection against a wall and illusion of representation of the world, mute spectacle escorted of an original music score improvised live but also spectacle of the performance of a projector operator hidden in the back.


This program of cine-performances revives with this first era of cinema by inviting musicians to interpret the running of early cinema found footage or by putting forward the screening performance at the center of a live process of cinematographic creation. At the era where cinema is dying, let’s experience cinema as a unique live act.


This project offers electro-mechanical sounds and visual performances by several means including mixing loops, infinitely edited and segments of film that have been scratched, painted, color-saturated or even burned live. Multi-projection is carried out by means of vintage 16mm projectors, while sounds are manipulated and distorted as a part of this interdisciplinary experience. CINE-NOISE paradoxically celebrates the end of analog film! This is cinema stretched to its limits. For the first experience outside Europe, they will collaborate with Japanese artists.

Sachiko M

sampler with sine waves