"Bruit Alpine"

-LUFF does not Tokyo-


Due to the Fukushima accident and the LUFF does Tokyo project postponed from april 2011 to april 2012, the 1rst may 2011 was held a party for the artist that still maintain their trip in Japan. 

A very big and warm special thanks to Zbigniew Karkowski and OCHIAI SOUP team for their support and making this great night possible !


Ricardo da Silva (TV noise) (Switzerland)
. . . aka Nikola Mounoud / Overload Collapse(Switzerland) + live visuals by Rokapenis (Japan)
Strotter Inst. (Christoph Hess)(Switzerland)
Zbigniew Karkowski + Tetsuo Furudate + PainJerk (World as Will) (Japan)

between live acts there was projections of short experimental movies.
- Burn, Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley, USA, 2002 [10’26’’]
- Cheese Louise, Jen Morris, Switzerland-Canada, 2008 [5’20”]
- Proon, Sara Tocchetti, Switzerland, 2010 [3’20”]
- Tiqqun, Ricardo da Silva, Switzerland-Portugal, 2008 [5’00”]
- Microbend, MOJU, Switzerland, 2011 [10’20”]
- Santa Claus, JX Williams, USA, 1975 [3’04”]





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