Maruosa vs Syndrome WPW



Born in Osaka, Japan, Maruosa is one of the world’s rare extreme laptop musician. He started this project and his own label Rendarec back in 1999. The same year was released his first album Exercise and Hell. Kicked by the dirty ultra powerful crazy rhythmics, with a bpm so high that he tickle some pacemaker frequencies, it will be impossible to escape the really strong energy coming from the stage. Not only a really patient composer, the artist moult himself into a singer/screamer for the biggest pleasure of our ear drums, solar plexus and every organs ready to shake… 



Syndrome WPW


Syndrome WPW's synthetic latopless show includes tragedy, neurosis and bullets. The analog sound is full of aggressiveness with a strong affinity for westerns and heavy metal. Turns the stage into a heap of ruins.