Kuruucrew feat. Hair Stylistics


The quartet/band drums, bass, guitar, saxo/ electro, in ya face, Kuruucrew have quickly become one of the most important & OVER- booked bands of the Tokyo underground (translate/equivalent : independent) scene. Their aggressive sound merges simple and hypnotic melody to the metallic violence of a thick rhythm section perfectly assumed transforming their noise into something as a perfect digestion  of groovy, psyché, doom, incapacitantian & met bananescian influences. When Hair Stylistics came on stage with them at LUFF 2011, it was a pure orgasmic moment. Enjoy !


Hair Stylistics


Musician, painter & writer are some aspect of Masaya Nakahara aka Hair Stylistics, also known as the ex-Violent Onsen Geisha ! Since 1988 he never stopped to explore his incredible mad creativity. Impossible to define or predict. All for the best !