Jim O’Rourke & Norbert Möslang

Jim O'Rourke

Tight between native american influences and the japanese promised land, between the concrete blues folk of John Fahay and the popular music of Burt Bacharach, and between several sound practices (for instance Faust or Stereolab’s producer, musician in Sonic Youth (2000-2005), playing Keith Rowe, Hair Stylistics, KK Null, and so on, or interpret – Check the soundtract of Herzog’s Grizzly Man –), the major Work of Jim O’Rourke condenses the contemporary musical transformations created by the interaction of avant-garde or improvised practices and the classical composition. Musical kennels mixer, he’ll cross tonight ours for our biggest happiness along with his homologous Norbert Möslang

Norbert Möslang

He's been the half part of now legendary Swiss duet Voice Crack, disbanded in 2002. "Voice Crack's sound ragout was one of the best noise experience in the 80's and the 90's" according to Alan Licht. Together with his accomplice Andy Guhl, they showed the way of Hardware-Hacking by hijacking household electrical appliances to create unbelievable sounds, breaking the cultural habits related to the sound generated by everyday objects. As a soloist, Norbert Möslang keeps on exploring what he pioneered, collaborating with other great sound and improvisation adventurers. He also works for visual arts, for instance in Peter Liechti's movie The Sound Of Insects.