Hijokaidan feat. HIKO

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If the word ‘noise’ does indeed come from ‘nausea’ (Latin for the sound made by seasick boat passengers), this is its very incarnation. JOJO Hiroshige, the founder and head of the Osaka label and music shop Alchemy is said to have introduced the term ‘noise’ into the Japanese language when he started the band in Kyoto in 1979 -incidentally the same year the Merzbow project was formed in Tokyo. Many still see in Hijokaidan the archetypal extreme-performance group. And although the last twenty years have seen them focus more on sound quality, the stage remains a space of total freedom where everything is possible - chaos first and foremost. This seminal band arose from the will to find the ultimate form of Rock music, as expressed by the shrieks of the immense Junko, the feedbacks and distortions of JOJO’s guitar, and the electronic insanity of Fumio Kosakai and Toshiji Mikawa - who are also playing at LUFF the next day as Incapacitants, another Harsh Noise music duet of paramount importance in Japanese extreme music.


Tonight, HIKO will be the noise rhythmic (!?) of Hijokaidan. HIKO is the insane drummer of OFFSEASON and Gauze - the japanese punk hardcore band formed in 1981.


Hijstorical !