CARRE feat. Strotter Inst.


CARRE is the duo project of the Tokyo musicians Yasutsugu Suzuki and Nagatada Yamaguchi. Face to face, an analogic machines’ wall separating each other, CARRE is producing synthetic sounds modifing the time perception, with sometimes mobile mirrors to twist the space dimension. In the SuperDeluxe cube, CARRE will collaborate for the first time with the rubber bands of Strotter Inst.. 

Strotter Inst.

Christophe Hess, alias Strotter Inst., is an architect and artist living in Bern. After years of experimentions on record player and looped tapes, he started the project Strotter Inst., focusing on record player manipulation without actual records. After producing a visual attraction on the audience, his installations gets then  sound attention at a higher level. His musical compositions integrates the nature of impure sounds. Strotter Inst. is also the name used for the actual creation of sound devices made from record players. Inst. means instrument as well as installation.