About the festival

The Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (LUFF) is a unique Swiss festival, mixing an international independent film selection with an international avant-garde musical program, a somehow logical encounter rarely seen at this level of requirement and celebrated every year in mid-October.

For its 10th edition, the LUFF, has been invited by UPLINK, SuperDeluxe and dEnOISE (1, 2 & 3) in order to celebrate 10 years of international independent culture in Tokyo ! This special event sweetly baptized LUFF Does Tokyo, is the complement of a special Japanese line-up that took place last year in Lausanne with a special short film selection by Image Forum, the screenings of the Kuzoku-ku films, and the live performances of Hair Stylistics, Maruosa, and Kuruucrew for their first ever European date.

LUFF Does Tokyo is an exceptional Japanese LUFF edition, which will mostly be focused on Swiss artists: Independent filmmakers will be celebrated at Image Forum from April 30th to May 4th, while musicians and performers will invade the stage of SuperDeluxe on April 28th & 29th. Two dates during which we emphasize a  questioning and spontaneous Swiss-Japanese cultural interaction. A fat and juicy program that will open on April 27th at UPLINK with a unique performance of Sachiko M on Stephan E. Hauser’s wonderful film The Magic of Decay... Decay of the Magic. A world premiere not to be missed!

Building on together this cultural exchange between Japan and Switzerland, this unique event provides the possibility for unprecedented collaborations. Artists from both countries have responded enthusiastically to this unique possibility to work together. And we expect the Japanese audience to be as enthusiastic towards Swiss artists than the Swiss audience was towards Japanese artists !

LUFF activities increased over the years, and since a few of them now, our festival has its own webradio: LUFF.fm. And because a LUFF wouldn’t be complete without its radio, LUFF.fm will broadcast live from Japan via the Internet during the whole event !  


dEnOISE crew :

Music line-up : Atsuhiro Ito & KUROPIPE

dEnOISE and LUFF does TOKYO Flyer and Poster design : Kosuke Kawamura

Illustration dEnOISE 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 : Takachié Nemoto

SuperDeluxe : Mike Kubeck

Image Forum : Koyo Yamashita


LUFF does Tokyo crew :

Cinema line-up : Julien Bodivit & Ricado da Silva

Music line-up : Thibault Walter & Nikola Mounoud

Global coordination : Nikola Mounoud

Cinema coordination : Ricardo da Silva

Music coordination : Thibault Walter & Nikola Mounoud

LUFF.FM : Nicolas Favrod-Coune & Marc Haas

Sponsoring : Thibault Walter, Pauline Lalondrelle, Patrick Suhner, Nikola Mounoud

Catering : Anne-Lise Bodivit, Nikola Mounoud

Cinema texts translations FR/JP : Tomomi Aoki Frochaux & Hiroko Pennec

Cinema texts translations FR/EN : Jérôme Curchod, Lionel Bize, Daniel Siemaszko, Julien Bodivit, Christa Harrisson

Music texts translations FR/JP : Hiroko Pennec

Music texts translations FR/EN : Thibault Walter, Serge Teuscher, Nikola Mounoud

Movies subtitles translations  FR/JP : Elina Meyer, Sonia Bonzon

Movies subtitles : Elina Meyer, Nikola Mounoud

TRAILER - LUFF does Tokyo in collaboration with ECAL : Alexandre Grognuz & Denis Roueche

Website (luff.jp) : Nicolas Favrod-Coune & Nikola Mounoud


The LUFF does Tokyo project will never have see the light without the great support of many people around us ! 


Thanks You (and sorry for those we might have forgotten) 

Yuko Ando, Takashi Asai & Masaharu Kuramochi (UPLINK Co.), Daiki Asari, Romain Aury-Galibert (Cie. un ange), Pakito Bolino (Le Dernier Cri), Serge "master" Carrupt, Martine Chalverat, Antoine Chessex, ENIGMATIK, Nicolas J. Fasnacht (NOIR Tattoo/Overload Collapse), Dominique Feyer, Yousuke Fuyama, Marc Gessler, Yann Grivet (Tokage), Gwenael Grossfeld, Samia Guerid, Sandra Guignard, Anne-Sophe Hartmann, Tarik Hayward (Körner Union/ECAL), Christoph Hess, Sunao Inami (Otomae University), Kazuya Ishiganmi (neus318), Atsuhiro Ito (OPTRON), Catherine Jodoin, Marius Kaeser (Pro Helvetia), L?K?O, Peter Liechti, Frédéric Maire (swiss film archive), Katzuhiro Matsuyama (Cracksteel/Urga), Jennifer Morris, Mourad Moussa, Marcel Müller & Sylvain Vaucher (SWISS FILMS), Freddy Murer, Omar Odermatt, Makoto Oshiro, Michel Pennec, Olivier Plumey, Alexander Renngli & Makiko Ohira (Swiss ambassy in Tokyo), Francis Reusser, Yann Rioux (Ville de Lausanne), Stéphane Shibatsuji-Perrin, Mana Shimizu, Tania Stöcklin, Alice Taylor, Corine Thiesen, Ticotu and all OCHIAI SOUP team, Chantal Vasseur & Olivier Maurel (l'Embobineuse), Aloïs Wismer ("On fait du l'art !").